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Play Area
At <<Restaurant/Cafe name>> we understand the need of young children to be active while they wait for their meal to be served. We also know that adult care givers and parents need to rest and relax for a few minutes after ordering a meal. To cater to both needs we have a specially designed play area where your children will be absolutely safe and happily engaged. We have a special attendant to supervise the children as they play. The attendant is trained to ensure that the children do not pick up fights or hurt themselves in any way. You can safely relax and enjoy a meaningful conversation with your partner knowing that your children are in good hands. Your children too will be comfortable in the play area as they will be able to see you and reach you easily whenever they so desire. So, if you are a hassled parent, enjoy a good meal cooked to perfection at your own leisure while your children entertain themselves in the play area. We offer a variety of activities for your children in the play area. This ensures that they can work off their excess energy safely and without getting bored. You are welcome to stay as long as you want after finishing your meal. This lets you get your breath back and leaves you energized to keep up with your children once more.

Free Wi-Fi
As <<Restaurant/Cafe name>> is located in a busy office area, we naturally cater to many busy working executives. At <<Restaurant/Cafe name>> you can continue to work and check your mails while waiting for and having your meal. We provide free Wi-Fi facility in our restaurant to ensure that you stay connected to your office and work even when you are eating. So, there is no chance of you missing an important e-mail or message while you are with us. Travelers too can make use of our free Wi-Fi facility to check their mail when they eat here. Many of our customers appreciate this service and find it extremely useful.

Birthday Parties
At <<Restaurant/Cafe name>> we understand that children want to celebrate their birthdays in a grand manner. If you do not have time to organize a party at home, you are welcome to make use of our party room that can accommodate <number> people. Our staff will take care of the d�cor and party hats as well as party favors. We will also give you invitation cards in which you just have to fill in a few details. The cost per guest depends on the menu you decide up on. You just have to order the cake and bring it. We will take care of everything else. Our staff will be at hand to serve the refreshments and take care of any spills. You do not have to cook, or clean up afterwards. So, you too can enjoy your child's special day and mingle with the guests freely. If you have more than <number> guests, we let you use the party room for free. Otherwise, we charge <amount> for the party room per hour. Our central location and ample parking space makes it easy for your guests to locate the place and find parking space. You too are saved the bother and hassle of sourcing various items from different shops and wrapping the party favors. We serve kid-sized meals for the children, who are sure to enjoy themselves. Utilize our services to gift your child a memorable birthday party with the least amount of stress on yourself.

We at <<Restaurant/Cafe name>> offer our services and premises for small parties. Whether your teenager wants to throw a party for their friends, or you want to have a girls' night out, we are the right place. Our party room can accommodate <number> people comfortably. We offer the room free for those who invite a minimum of <number> guests. For others, we rent the room out at a nominal rate of <amount> per hour. Our staff will serve you and your guests from your preselected menu. We also throw in printed invites for free. All you need to do is fill-in the name of the guest and the date and time. Our central location means that all your guests will find it convenient to attend. We also have ample car parking space, so your guests need not worry about parking tickets. Host a great party without having to clean up before and after the event or slave over a hot stove. Our cooks will take care of the food and our service staff will ensure that all your guests are attended to properly. You too can let your hair down and join in the general merriment without any worry. We are the ideal choice if you want to host a hassle free party.

Corporate Catering
We at <<Restaurant/Cafe name>> have the ability to cater to corporate functions with a maximum of <number> invitees. We will bring ready to eat food as well as the tableware and cutlery for your corporate event. Our service personnel will be at hand to serve the food and clear up after the event. This leaves you and your staff to concentrate on the nitty-gritty of your business. We will ensure that your invitees are well fed. Whether you are having an office party or a corporate event for clients and principals, we will be able to cater appropriately. Just book our services and leave the rest to us. We will do the planning and the execution of the get together. We pride ourselves on being punctual to such events. Our staff is trained to handle a sudden rush for food at the event and will be able to serve the food at top speed.

Weddings and Engagements
Wedding and engagement ceremonies are gala events that need to be catered to appropriately. They are more formal than a birthday party but more relaxed than an office event. We at <<Restaurant/Cafe name>> have sample menus for these events as well. We will be happy to make the great days of your life truly memorable for you and your guests by providing the right kind of food. Our staff will not only deliver the cooked food, but also stay back to serve and clean up after the event. We can provide the tableware and cutlery for the event as well. If you so desire we can send staff a day in advance to decorate the dining area and set the tables. We will, of course, charge extra for this service. Contact us in advance as soon as the dates are fixed for us to be able to deliver the best quality service.